Dear partners and users,

This increase will be effective for all orders placed on, or after 15th of January 2022.

As you know, we at OXYNOVA are committed to bringing only the best and highest-quality hyperbaric chambers. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and global economy, the cost of raw materials such as shipping, castings, parts and labor has increased drastically since 2020.

In the past we have absorbed the increasing cost associated with our products, as our pricing has remained stable for the past 10 years. But the current rise of costs is so intense, that we no longer can absorb these cost increases.

Therefore, in order to stay committed to our values that lie at the core of our company we have announced earlier to our distribution network that from January 15th, 2022 we are increasing the prices of our hyperbaric chambers.

Everyone will have the opportunity to place orders prior to the price increase taking effect. Please reach out to your Distributor by January 15th to secure your specific inventory of OxyNova equipment at our current price level.

We appreciate your support and if you have any questions you can always contact your dedicated account manager or contact us at

Thank you, OxyNova Hyperbaric team.

Buy less, 
chose well, 
make it last.

- Vivienne Westwood

Experience the true healing power of oxygen under pressure.

For over 21 years, OxyNova Hyperbaric has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying premium mild hyperbaric chamber systems worldwide. We are very confident that the experience with our hyperbaric technology will exceed your highest expectations.

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