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For over 21 years, OxyNova® Hyperbaric company has been engineering, manufacturing, and supplying premium portable hyperbaric chamber systems worldwide. We are very confident that the experience with our hyperbaric chambers technology will exceed your highest expectations.

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Handmade using the finest quality material. Superior to all others on the market. It is like the Ferrari of the hyperbarics.

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Distribution & retail opportunities now available

OxyNova® Hyperbaric was founded in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada more than 21 years ago, with a singular focus: to improve the quality of life. We constantly renew, rethink, reinvent to create something better. We move to improve.

From the people who use our product to the team behind it, we work to empower every individual who interacts with our hyperbaric oxygen therapy technology to reach a higher potential.

User-friendly Hyperbaric Chambers for home and professional healthcare

OxyNova® Hyperbaric is committing significant resources to ensure hyperbaric chambers are well looked after in market. Including remote support, guided customer troubleshooting and knowledge transfer from OxyNova's in-house technical team to yours.


Wellness & Beauty

A wellness protocol with HBOT chamber can mitigate the effects of aging, oxygenate the body, increase levels of energy and concentration.

Home use

Personal use

Having apersonal hyperbaric chamber in the house can provide benefits to the entire family and help everyone experience optimal health.


Sports recovery centers

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy speeds up the recovery process following strenuous physical activity, and can even treat certain injuries.


Professional Athletes

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is one of the most effective anti-inflammatories and wound-healing methods which can help athletes recover from sports-related injuries and facilitate performance.

Join the OxyNova® Hyperbaric global network to spread good health.

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Distribution & retail opportunities now available

We are happy to share in the many tremendous achievements in healthcare that mild hyperbaric therapy is providing to our clients.

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