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Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a versatile and powerful complementary treatment used for multiple medical indications, including for sports recovery or wellness purposes – anti-aging, beauty, brain performance.

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You definitely need more oxygen in your life

During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) we breathe oxygen under higher than normal atmospheric pressures inside the soft-side hyperbaric chamber.

Increasing the atmospheric pressure while breathing in enriched oxygen atmosphere creates an environment where oxygen is dissolved more efficiently into the surrounding liquids, blood plasma and cerebrospinal fluids.

Oxygen molecule


Oxygen is one of the most important elements required to sustain life, it plays a central role in the normal functioning of the immune system, it is essential for energy production in most cells.

Pressure gauge


It has been demonstrated that HBOT stimulates oxygen concentration levels in the blood when the body absorbs more oxygen per volume of compressed air.



Our body contains a system of 75 trillion of cells which provide the energy required for brain and organs to function. Each cell needs two things to produce energy: nutrients and oxygen.



The increased oxygenation of blood vessels allows for systematic health benefits, such as cell growth and regeneration, detoxification, immune support, new capillary growth, and improved neurological functioning among many others.

How does HBOT work?

Oxynova® Mild Hyperbaric Chambers

Pressure gauge OxyNova Hyperbaric

We build inflatable low-pressure hyperbaric chambers that harness a safe and very effective way to distribute oxygen in greater concentration (24% to 28%) in all your cells and liquids in the body.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions take place in the sealed environment of the inflatable chamber with pressure rising up to 1.4 ATA, a safe benchmark to allow the plasma to absorb the oxygen in a healthy amount.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT)

A mild hyperbaric environment will allow the necessary amounts of oxygen to penetrate fully into the body’s tissues and work their magic without the risk of oxidative damage.

Henry's Law

Increasing the oxygen delivered to cells

The amount of gas that will dissolve in a liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of that gas above the liquid.

Breathing oxygen inside the pressure chamber increases the total amount of oxygen delivered to the cells by the bloodstream (Henry’s law). In addition, the increases in pressure result in a decrease in the size of bubbles (Boyle’s Law).

An increase in ambient pressure (and thus partial pressure) results in more gas dissolving into the liquid portion of blood and tissues.

The definition of Henry’s Law (named after William Henry) explains that pressure is necessary for a gas (oxygen) to dissolve effectively in a liquid (blood plasma).

Gas will go from a higher density (lungs) to a lower density (tissues) to achieve equilibrium.


Boyle's Law

Decreasing bubble volume

If the temperature remains constant, the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to the absolute pressure.

Boyle’s Law (named after Robert Boyle) is fundamental to hyperbaric and undersea medicine because it explains the pathophysiology of barotrauma.

Divers can develop bubbles in their bodies during a fast surface ascension or when they stay in the deep too long, a condition called decompression sickness, in which nitrogen dissolved in the blood and tissues by high-pressure forms bubbles as pressure decreases.

Bubbles that have been formed in the body can be reduced in size with hyperbaric chamber pressure. Decreasing bubble size is a primary therapy for decompression sickness.

The effects of Boyle’s law can be felt during chamber pressurization and depressurization. During pressurization, a patient’s ears will feel full, similar to the feeling experienced when traveling in an airplane. The pressure in the ears must be relieved during pressurization using recommended methods.

blood saturation oxygen icon

Oxygen saturation

Oxygen is carried around the body by red blood cells that flow in blood vessels, either bound to hemoglobin or dissolved in blood plasma.

Pressures of 1.3 ATA, up to 1.5 ATA inside the hyperbaric chamber can stimulate the growth of new blood vessels to increase blood flow to areas of poor circulation.

  • Oxygenated plasma is circulated to reach all injured tissues such as bruised muscles, sprained tendons, surgical wounds, strokes, areas of injury aggravated by damaged circulation.
  • The oxygen in the plasma will dissolve further into the damaged area than the oxygen attached to the red blood cell in the normal oxygen delivery system.
  • Red blood cells become oxygen saturated and the oxygen is distributed into all body fluids like the blood plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, the lymph, all the organs, including the brain.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) is safe

If you’re a home, sports, or wellness user, we recommend using mHBOT (Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy).

Our Mild Hyperbaric Chambers
Oxygen Partial pressure under mild Hyperbaric oxygen conditions

Hard hyperbaric chamber or soft hyperbaric chamber?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can be separated into two categories – high pressure and low pressure.

  • High-pressure HBOT, or hospital-grade HBOT is carried above 2 ATA.
  • Low pressure or mild HBOT refers to pressures below 2 ATA.

The higher pressures in hospital-grade HBOT are very useful in the treatment of acute illnesses, yet the lower pressures are safer, generally without major side-effects, better for chronic illnesses, and can be used in home settings.

HBOT sessions are recommended depending on your particular needs, according to a prescribed medical protocol number of sessions.

hard shell Hyperbaric Chambers

Medical hard-shell hyperbaric chamber

Pressure higher than 2.0 ATA

  • The pressure inside the hard chamber can reach 3.0 ATA or higher.
  • Medical-grade hyperbaric oxygen chambers are pressurized with 100% pure oxygen.
  • You need to be prescribed by a doctor to undergo medical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions inside a hard chamber within a hospital or clinical setting.
OxyNova 8 Soft Hyperbaric Chambers for Wellness

Soft-side hyperbaric chamber

Pressures between 1.2 ATA and 1.5 ATA

  • Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment administered in a soft hyperbaric chamber, an inflatable portable hyperbaric chamber, which can be used in a home setting.
  • OxyNova mild hyperbaric chambers (mHBOT) are inflated to reach operating pressure using ambient air.
  • The user inhales oxygen-enriched air at pressures between 1.2 and 1.4 ATA (slightly higher than sea level pressure).

Oxynova® hyperbaric chambers are safe and efficient for home use

Oxynova® portable hyperbaric chambers are recommended for mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home and do not require specialized assistance like medical-grade HBOT.

You can use the Oxynova® soft chamber to reach health and body performance objectives if you’re a home user.

Oxynova® chambers are portable, compact in size, and easy to operate.

Just breathe in and let the oxygen do the work. 

About OxyNova Hyperbaric
OxyNova HBOT chamber and European Sailing Academy

Oxynova® mHBOT chambers facilitate recovery in wellness and sports centers

Studies confirm that mild hyperbaric devices facilitate a complimentary non-invasive way that can help physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and even naturopaths to complement their work.

Sports professionals use HBOT to sustain recovery after training and to enhance performance.

Oxygen supplementation with Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT)  can work with effective results as part of a system of therapies.

Given its low number of contraindications, risks, and side effects, it may be one of the safest therapies to use, within the correct protocols.

What is mHBOT (mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy) recommended for?

Mild HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of the safest and effective therapeutic procedures available today.

Sports performance and recovery

HBOT is essential for sports recovery, prevents muscle fatigue, and decreases the buildup of lactic acid.


HBOT can bring positive results to healthy users, part of a fitness routine, for prevention and to maintain the quality of life.


HBOT can increase collagen production for skin rejuvenation, reduce signs of aging, boost the body’s ability to fight oxidative stress.

Brain performance

Improves cognitive function, stimulates brain cells, helps with developmental disorders, anoxic brain injury, TBI, autoimmune disorders.

Maintaining good health requires an efficient supply and distribution of oxygen.

The human body is a complex precision factory fueled by oxygen. Red blood cells carry oxygen into the plasma so that it can be distributed in all cells.

Metabolism occurs only when oxygen is absorbed by the body’s systems, which generate the necessary energy to maintain their vital functions and remove waste products.

In fact, the residual waste in the body indicates an insufficient supply of oxygen.

OxyNova Hyperbaric Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Achieving the balance

To maintain good physical condition, there must be a constant balance between the demand for and the supply of oxygen. This is where mild HBOT steps in to compensate and bring balance.

Oxygen deficiency can be regarded as the principal cause of all diseases.

Without oxygen, our health begins to suffer and our body becomes incompatible with life.

Unhealthy or weak cells lose their natural immunity due to improper metabolism and are thus susceptible to viruses and lead the way to all kinds of serious health problems.

Illness is the result of improper removal of toxins from the body. Oxygen is the vital factor which assists the body in removing toxins.

  • Ed McCabe

When your cells are not getting the oxygen they need the following problems can occur:

  • Language problems
  • Low sports performance
  • Less energy and light sleep
  • Motor development problems
  • Poor cognitive abilities
  • Increased pain
  • Chronic inflammation

Too much oxygen under pressure is unhealthy for someone healthy.

There are certain side effects associated with very high medical-grade atmospheric pressure and/or increased oxygen concentration inside a hard-shell chamber.

Barotrauma, myopia and cataracts, and excessive production of reactive oxygen species in tissues and organs are known side-effects to excessive oxygen supplementation without a medical prescription. 

Activating oxygen can produce compounds called radicals that put oxidative stress on cells. Such stress could ultimately lead to cancer and other diseases.

John Simon

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) is safe

We build HBOT technology to improve the quality of life

  • Achieve better blood circulation
  • Eliminate toxins efficiently
  • Encourage neuroplasticity (regeneration of brain cells)
  • Increase various functions of metabolism
  • Improve motor skills in children, muscle tone, motricity, spasticity
  • Increase fine motor skills
  • Reduce muscle cramps
  • Increase strength
  • Increase control of the body and mind
  • Decrease edema effects by vasoconstriction
  • Decrease leucocyte chemotaxis and adhesion
  • Attenuate ischemic-reperfusion damage
  • Suppress the formation of inflammatory mediators
  • Inhibit the autoimmune syndrome and the immune reaction in antigens
  • Improve chronic skin damage healing by inducing angiogenesis
  • Stimulate O2 dependent collagen matrix formation, which is an essential phase in wound healing


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