Oxynova 8 mHBOT Chambe
January 16, 2024

Oxynova 8 mHBOT chamber

Professional Wellness Hyperbaric Chamber for home and professional healthcare. Outstanding technical performance and low running…
Oxynova 8 mHBOT Chamber
January 16, 2024

Oxynova 9 mHBOT chamber

Bigger, bolder, safer. User-friendly Hyperbaric Chambers for professional healthcare Oxynova Series 9 professional hyperbaric chamber facilitates…

Experience the true healing power of oxygen under pressure.

For over 21 years, OxyNova Hyperbaric has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying premium mild hyperbaric chamber systems worldwide. We are very confident that the experience with our hyperbaric technology will exceed your highest expectations.

DEMO units available for some MODELS (limited quantities)- Save between 2500$ & 4000$