Sabrina Roy, a Carignan resident who was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in July 2013, tells us how her battle with the disease is going live from her hyperbaric chamber.

A text by Patrick Berger

After spending two and a half years being given the wrong diagnoses, Ms. Roy is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At the end of 2016, she turned to natural products and holistic treatments. This decision allowed her to regain about 60% of her capacity. But it was with her hyperbaric chamber, which she considers the most beautiful gift she has ever gotten, that she was able to reclaim the most valuable thing in her life: her autonomy.

“I have a lot more energy, I’m able to go through my day without resting. I have less muscle pain and my sleep is extremely more restorative. All this thanks to my hyperbaric chamber,”

says Ms. Roy.

Sabrina Roy compares the size of her miracle gift to a tanning bed. It is a hyperbaric chamber where it is exposed to a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure, which mainly allows to increase the oxygenation of the tissues.

Sabrina Roy and OxyNova 7

Ms. Roy had rented her hyperbaric chamber during the months of November and December 2017 before receiving hers.

“I cried all the tears in my body that day. I knew my life was going to change because upon renting the machine I realized that this treatment was by far the best thing I had tried in over 4 years since I contracted the bacteria,”

says Ms. Roy.

Overcome her most difficult obstacles

In July 2013 the Carignanoise began by being diagnosed with severe labyrinthitis. Then, a specialist diagnosed her with lymph node cancer in November 2013. Following these inaccurate diagnoses, she took several steps to find out what she was suffering from.

After finally being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she was able to get tested in the United States. She learned that she did indeed have Lyme disease in March 2016. She then had antibiotics flown in from the United States and took them for 10 months. They medication cost her about $18,000. Since November 2016, she no longer takes any medication.

“Alternative medicine saved my life. In particular bioresonance. It is a treatment used mainly in Russia. From the first meeting, I felt that it made me feel good. I hardly walked anymore before this first experience. A month later, I was able to drive my car on my own. For me, it was a huge victory,”

said Ms. Roy.

Due to present protocols, traditional medicine in Canada is unable to treat patients. On February 7, 2018, a 9,000-name petition presented to the National Assembly urged that the government acknowledge Lyme disease as a public health emergency, formulate a plan, and act appropriately, as well as establish an expert committee to do so. Doctors who provide care that is not covered by the present official protocol should be protected, according to the petition. The petition has been called by the Parliamentary Committee on Health and Social Services, which means she will investigate it further.

“For a few years, the Quebec Lyme Disease Association has been fighting a tremendous battle. Each year, 300,000 instances are reported in the United States. I live in Carignan, around 40 minutes from the border. Ticks are everywhere, and the situation will deteriorate into that of our southern neighbors, except that we are not prepared,”

Ms. Roy warns.

The origins of the Lyme disease

Did you know that Lyme disease is as old as mankind? A naturally mummified human being, who was contaminated with the bacteria responsible for the disease, was discovered in 1991 in the Alps. The individual lived 3300 BC. J.-C.

5,300 years later, Lyme disease is the most common infectious disease transmitted by animals in the northern hemisphere. In 1977, Lyme disease was formally identified in residents of the town of Lyme, Connecticut, hence its name.

A blacklegged tick bites a little whitelegged mouse infected with the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which causes the sickness. Antibiotics can simply be used to treat it if caught early. Otherwise, it can completely turn a person’s life upside down, like Sabrina Roy’s did.

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