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We build portable hyperbaric chambers to facilitate easy access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for personal use (at home) and professional use (wellness centers & clinics), also for athletes that need good recovery and sustained performance (sports centers).

The only soft hyperbaric chamber recognized as a medical device by Health Canada.

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Trusted by the world’s most data‑driven sports teams, athletes and executives.

We build safe and effective portable hyperbaric chambers
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$16,995 USD

Best in class for sports recovery.

OxyNova 5 Soft Hyperbaric Chamber
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$23,995 USD

Your personal hyperbaric center.

OxyNova 7
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$26,995 USD

Extra-roomy home hyperbaric chamber.

OxyNova 8
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$32,995 USD

Professional hyperbaric chamber for wellness.

OxyNova 9
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We always double-check.

OxyNova® Hyperbaric chambers are designed, manufactured, distributed, installed, and serviced based on quality management standards to ensure the highest quality and performance available.
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Who are we

Hello, we’re OxyNova® HyperbaricOur goal is to extend healthy life expectancy for all humankind.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Good technology should last a lifetime.

OxyNova® hyperbaric chambers are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship built under the highest standards  and we stand behind each one.

OxyNova Science

Outstanding Technical Performance Proven in Clinical Environment

Our soft hyperbaric chambershave been used in several clinical trials over the past years. The technology is qualified for clinical research standards.

Carry bag

Portable and simple to install

Portability was one of our main design objectives. To help you operate the hyperbaric chamber easier, we’ve developed a modular assembly system that works like a charm.


Environmentally sustainable

OxyNova® hyperbaric chambers are environmentally sustainable, they are designed to be only used with ambient air.

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Breathe all the oxygen you need.

We have been developing, manufacturing and supplying premium soft hyperbaric chamber systems for more than 21 years. 

This experience enables our company to build very safe soft hyperbaric chambers that reach pressures of 1.4 ATA and deliver effective results for mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

This experience is a guarantee of quality management and a company commitment to help people reach health objectives using the therapeutic powers of oxygen under pressure.

Your health objectives are always first priority.

We are OxyNova Hyperbaric

Reach your health objectives

Oxygen molecule

Oxygen is the building-block of cellular life.

Sports Recovery & Performance

HBOT is essential for sports recovery, prevents muscle fatigue, and decreases the buildup of lactic acid.


HBOT can bring positive results to healthy users, part of a fitness routine, for prevention and to maintain the quality of life.

Beauty & Anti-Aging

HBOT can increase collagen production for skin rejuvenation, reduce signs of aging, boost the body’s ability to fight oxidative stress.

Brain Care

Improves cognitive function, stimulates brain cells, helps with developmental disorders, anoxic brain injury, TBI, autoimmune disorders.

our client’s experience

We couldn’t have said it better.

We keep an open line of communication with our client and their experience has always been the main focus in research and development.

Two days before the Joe Martin Stage Race started, I had a bad crash in training. Destroyed my helmet, briefly lost consciousness, some road rash and unfortunately started showing signs of a minor concussion. I started the road race for the team but had made the choice to pull out after the neutral (one of the hardest things I've ever done!) and not push my health this early in the season. Another week of rest, ice cream, chilling in the OxyNova tube (an oxygen style tent) and cheering my teammates on until I was home and cleared for a concussion by my doctor. Back to the grind!

Maggie Coles-LysterCanadian professional racing cyclist, who currently rides for UCI Women's Continental Team DNA Pro Cycling

Back home, the boxer does not jump into bed. No. Instead, he is about to enter his 'space capsule' for a 60-minute journey. Under the supervision of your trainer or another person, it's time for hyperbaric diving.

Eléider Álvarez BaytarColombian professional boxer, WBO light-heavyweight title (2018-2019)

I have a lot more energy, I am able to get through my day without resting. I have less muscle pain and my sleep is extremely restful. All thanks to my hyperbaric chamber.

Sabrina RoyLyme disease super-fighter

After a few hours of treatment, we immediately noticed changes in Thomas. He now speaks more words and full sentences, he interacts more with his siblings, and he is more independent for certain tasks. Our speech therapist, who was not aware of the use of the hyperbaric chamber, saw the same progress as we did.

Sandra GroleauThe mother of Thomas (who suffers from dyspraxia, a neurological disorder that affects his language)

It was an adjustment, but we are now accustomed to use the chamber. It's like a kind of big tent that you inflate and is pressurized, much like when you go scuba diving. After a few weeks of treatment, the results were already very encouraging.

Hugo MurrayFather of Annie Murray (born with Down Syndrome, trisomy 21)

I am very happy to use the hyperbaric chamber. It improves my life. It lessens the tremors, it also helps my speech, and I salivate less.

Vincent Labbé13 years old (cerebral paralysis)

The first 20 days, I saw a lot of improvement. His behavior changed, he was much more present. One day I walked into the hyperbaric with him and I had my headphones on. I played music for him and he wanted to dance. I couldn't believe it. This is quite a change! Even though the costs surrounding this care are high, I’m considering buying a room soon. As a father, even if I improve my son's condition by a few percent, I will do it.

Raymond PoitrasFather of Samuel Poitras (five years old, autistic)

At the age of 13, I was diagnosed with Friedreich's ataxia. It is a neurological disease that affects the nervous system as well as all the muscles in the body, including the heart; which reduces life expectancy. I quickly saw my abilities diminish over time, until I had to use a wheelchair. Today, at 28, I speak of my journey with resilience.

Audrey-Ann Bélanger28-year-old with Friedreich's ataxia

Suffering from a rare trisomy, Édouard spends an hour a day in his “rocket”. For two weeks, his seizures have stopped and he finally manages to sleep, much to our relief. HBOT sessions give him a boost to awaken his cells. He will always remain ill, but we want to bring him as far as possible. Before, he was like velcro with us. Now I can leave him in the living room and go to the kitchen without causing a seizure. He is taking naps for the first time in his life. But I want him to be able to enjoy life, ride a bike, go to the convenience store on his own. We started a fundraiser to buy our own hyperbaric chamber. Daily treatments can last for five or six years before reaching a plateau. Thus, the purchase becomes more economical than having to constantly rent.

Cynthia St-LaurentMother of Édouard St-Laurent

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